23 September 2017








An open non-profit International Historical Club (IHC) © sees its mission in providing complex informational support, educating and representing interests of the research community.
The IHC © is striving to promote in establishing interaction, contacts and dialogue between researchers of the human civilization, to make a contribution to strengthening established and to finding new forms of communication and is created for the purpose of comprehensive study and objective coverage of civilizational processes.
The conception of The IHC © is aimed at constructing the Bridge between peoples, protecting freedom and peace, spreading ideas of humanism, as well as at facilitating the mutual understanding and erasing obstacles in development of normal international relations.
The main areas of activities of The IHC © are in searching and analysing an information in a variety of spheres and representation of interests.
The distinctive feature of The IHC © is in using the exclusive "Theory of polar world order" © ("The polar theory" ©) in analytics of events. Based on years of comprehensive study of objective circumstances, this theory can help in the correct interpretation of past and present events, as well as allows you to predict the future.

Alexander Orlov von Thurn und Taxis Spencer-Churchill.